Struggling Australian sports team opts to appease woke players, rejects $8.8M sponsorship

Netball Australia is scrambling after the loss of a lifesaving sponsor due to conflicts between players and their benefactor’s predecessor. Many blame the team’s “we” mentality for […]

‘Lots of words, no solutions’: Jean-Pierre claims WH ‘hard at work’ amid record 2.4M border encounters

The Biden administration’s hopes of avoiding backlash over recent illegal border crossing data backfired Monday as responded to the administration’s declaration that they are “working hard” […]

‘He was strict’: Second daughter seeks to restore dead Iowa man’s name after sister says he killed nearly 70 women

Mystery surrounds the case of an Iowa man, now deceased, whose daughter believes him to be a prolific serial killer who has never been caught. But her […]

Better late than never! Jon Stewart declares Hunter Biden seat at Burisma ‘corruption — straight up’

Comedian Jon Stewart was shockingly candid on his podcast concerning Hunter Biden sitting on the board of the Ukrainian company, Burisma, calling it “straight up off the […]

‘A grave betrayal’: Alito says Supreme Court draft leak made justices ‘targets for assassination’

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito says that the unprecedented leak of the draft Dobbs decision in May 2022 put his conservative colleagues in danger of being […]

2 dogs unleashed on Rubio canvasser AFTER violent beatdown; second arrest made as senator rips media

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio blasted media for the “biased & irresponsible” narrative in covering the attack on a Republican volunteer for his campaign in Miami-Dade County after […]

‘Aren’t you supposed to do no harm?’ Joy Behar says Dr. Oz debate performance violates Hippocratic Oath

“The View” co-host Joy Behar accused Dr. Mehmet Oz of violating the Hippocratic Oath by debating a stre-impaired John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, asking him, “Aren’t you supposed […]

Study shows plastic recycling in US a ‘failed concept,’ with pitiful 5% recycling rate

Recycling of plastic is falling way short of expectations, a report from the agenda-driven environmental activist group Greenpeace USA implies. This scenario suggests that most of the […]

RF Capitol
Sky high rent forcing adults with kids of their own to move back in with parents

“The rent is too damn high.” Thus spe New York politician Jimmy McMillan during a 2010 gubernatorial debate in the Excelsior State. He had, in fact, named […]

Debate host rejects ‘unfortunate’ Fetterman camp claim closed captioning system ‘filled with errors’

The triumph over adversity message peddled by Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s campaign, following his wiy concerning debate performance, wasn’t quite as impactful when […]

Twitter staff pen open letter to Musk demanding to ‘keep jobs, pick winners and losers, retain benefits’

employees send letter to Musk demanding they keep their jobs, pick winners and losers, retain all benefits In a suicidal, self-entitled move, employees have reportedly […]

Darrell Brooks found GUILTY in Waukesha Christmas parade massacre after saying his ‘conscience is clear’

The now-convicted Waukesha Christmas parade killer spe for nearly an hour when giving his closing argument the day before being found guilty Wednesday and inved God’s will, […]

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