‘Go woke, get broke’: Experts say magazine industry in a ‘death spiral’ over politics, changing habits

The fall of institutions is always cause for reflection, but it has been hard to keep up in recent years with changes to the American way of […]

Royal Navy flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth arrives in NY harbor to host military conference

British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth made its second excursion to New York, to host the Atlantic Future Forum (AFF), a defense conference on Anglo-American military, political […]

Tim Allen choked up on set as daughter plays first role in his movie: ‘amazing moment…I’ll never forget’

Tim Allen, in a role that is increasingly age-appropriate now that he is 69, is Santa Claus again. The difference this time is that his daughter, Elizabeth […]

Here is seven minutes of Dems at all levels calling to defund the police

Now that it is election season, Democrats in cities, states, the federal government, and the media now claim they do not support “defund the police” initiatives. The […]

Fmr Trump economic advisor: Bidenflation causing families to spend $460 more than this time last year

Former Trump senior economic adviser Kevin Hassett joined Fox News host Laura Ingraham Friday to highlight the many ways American families are suffering under President Joe Biden’s […]

Air Force woke training backlash not enough to elicit pushback from top brass

Air Force Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Richard Clark briefly addressed reports that the Academy has been supporting various woke programs. His statement Thursday afternoon said that the […]

Trump unloads on media outlets refusing to report on killing of teen for being Republican

Former President Donald Trump ripped the media for failing to report on the killing of Cayler Ellingson, who was run down by a driver in North Dakota. […]

Officer Thomas Lane sentenced to prison time for role in George Floyd’s deadly arrest

Former Minneapolis police officer, Thomas Lane, was sentenced Wednesday to three years in state prison for violating the civil rights of George Floyd, who died while being […]

Kurt Schlichter tweets spoiler alert on how NY AG’s ‘dog’s breakfast’ of a lawsuit against Trump will go

Townhall’s Kurt Schlichter issued a detailed spoiler alert on Twitter Wednesday about what was likely to happen in the New York lawsuit brought against former President Donald […]

‘Massive’ victory for free speech when fed court upholds Texas law prohibiting big tech censorship

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an anti-censorship Texas law. The Friday ruling in the New Orleans court allows Texas to enforce its law against big-tech […]

‘Sex-positive’ NY weatherman loses job of his ‘dreams’ when boss receives nude pics of him

Erick Adame, an erstwhile Spectrum News NY1 weatherman, was first suspended, then terminated, after his boss received photos of him captured from an adult webcam site. Faced […]

Lesley Stahl rightly mocked for weak ’60 Minutes’ interview with Iranian leader

Lesley Stahl is being savaged today by officials, pundits and social media users, for her deferential interview of Iran’s president, Ebrahim Raisi on CBS’s “60 Minutes.” The […]

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