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US bans Chinese tech that allegedly lets China spy on military sites

On Friday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced a ban on new imports of Chinese-owned telecommunications equipment, including the equipment suspected of surveilling sensitive U.S. military sites. […]

‘Harm and cruelty’: MSNBC guest claims not offering asylum to illegal immigrants is against ‘law’

An immigration attorney on MSNBC claimed the United States is breaking its own laws for not offering asylum to illegal immigrants while discussing the pending end of […]

Authorities reveal ‘death note’ from Walmart shooter’s phone

Authorities Friday revealed a “death note” from the phone of the deceased Chesapeake, Virginia, Walmart shooter, which accused coworkers of wronging him. The shooter, Walmart employee Andre […]

AP blames reporter for false Russian missile claim, but leaked texts appear to tell a different story

Following the Associated Press’ firing of reporter James LaPorta over an erroneous story about a Russian missile striking Poland, questions are bubbling up concerning leaked messages that […]

Qatar bans English World Cup fans for dressing as Crusaders, deem outfits ‘offensive to Muslims’

English soccer fans who dressed up as St. George for the World Cup match in Qatar were banned from attending the game between Iran and England on […]

WH ridiculed for sharing pro-Biden talking points to use on ‘that uncle’ at Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving dinners are supposed to be a time when families come together, put aside the world, and focus on togetherness. A time when differences melt away, hearts […]

Trump-backed candidate shreds power-hungry Mitch McConnell for supporting rival Murkowski

Trump-backed Kelly Tshibaka isn’t holding back following her senate loss to GOP incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski, showering blame on establishment Republicans whom she said prefer an easily […]

Virginia Walmart shooter left chilling manifesto, believes he was ‘led by Satan’

“My God, forgive me for what I’m going to do…” These are the chilling words of Andre Bing, a Walmart supervisor, who, on Tuesday, reportedly to a […]

Balenciaga to sue campaign that featured SCOTUS docs on child porn NOT teddy bear bondage photoshoot

Fashion house Balenciaga has decided not to take legal action against the photographer behind the 2022 photo shoot that featured children holding teddy bears in BDSM-themed gear […]

Colleges looking to make bank quietly team up with sports betting companies for student gambling

While President Joe Biden has been insisting he can simply “forgive” billions of dollars in student loans, universities have been teaming up with on sports betting companies […]

AOC and Musk can barely contain their raging romantic ‘chemistry’ in HILARIOUS parody video

A parody video has gone viral on showing billionaire Elon Musk and Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) settling their differences by making googly eyes at […]

Delusional Dems believe Biden is a ‘Trump slayer’ and can defeat him again in 2024

President Joe Biden may be the Democrats’ only hope to ‘slay’ Donald Trump if he were to receive the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley […]

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