Jilted bride, beloved newscaster sent heartbreaking texts to ex-boyfriend and sister before suicide

A newscaster left at the altar two months before her wedding sent chilling text messages to family and to the man who jilted her in the moments […]

80’s icon Richard Marx tells how Lionel Richie discovered him while he was in high school, called his home out of the blue

Eighties pop sensation Richard Marx is spilling the tea ahead of the release of “Songwriter,” the singer’s first album in eight years. Best known for his swooning […]

Trump says long heeded warnings are being put into play: America is being attacked from within

The United States’ biggest threat isn’t foreign nations, it is the systematic dismantling of the foundations of democracy, it’s the woke philosophy of the left and methodical […]

TikTok star brings 100-yr-old veteran to tears with surprise trip to Disneyland

From a stroll with his walker to a fun-filled day at Disneyland, one centenarian got the surprise of his life when he agreed to a trip to […]

‘Do not. Let me repeat: do not!’ Biden warns oil execs not to use Hurricane Ian to ‘gouge’ Americans

President Joe Biden warned oil executives on Wednesday not to use Hurricane Ian as an excuse to raise oil prices, illustrating how important the issue is ahead […]

‘Race faker’ Rachel Dolezal’s nude OnlyFans photos were shared and can’t be unseen

A white woman who rose to infamy in 2015 for masquerading as a bi-racial black woman is trending on social media after photos from her Only Fans […]

NFL coach’s EPIC meltdown talk of the league, Bills star QB reacts to people ‘making a big deal out of it’

Buffalo Bills players aren’t disappointed in their offensive coordinator after video of his epic booth meltdown made the rounds following their 21-19 loss to the Miami Dolphins […]

SG: https://nypost.com/2022/09/26/nyc-vagrant-pummels-female-straphanger-in-caught-on-video-horror-cops/
Woman brutally beaten in NYC subway by killer of his own GRANDMOTHER says police nowhere ‘to be found’

A New York City woman could lose sight in one eye after being brutally beaten by a convicted murderer with a rap sheet a mile long, out […]

Supposed hunter in hot seat for bragging she ‘smoked’ a wolf pup, but mistakenly killed and skinned a husky

A Montana woman who mistook a Siberian husky for a wolf is standing her ground after being blasted on social media for killing and skinning the animal. […]

AOC gets lit up after comparing Iranian anti-hijab protest to US pro-abortion movement

One member of The Squad is under fire for blithely comparing the human rights protests in Iran with the anti-abortion movement in America. U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, […]

Retired CBP officer slams ‘pure hypocrisy’ on the left, says Trump unfairly vilified for listening to agents

One former U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officer is sounding off on the Democratic Party and its hypocritical response to illegal immigration. Rosa Arellano, who was motivated […]

Virginia parent informs school board how remote learning affected his kindergartener: ‘It was insanity’

One special needs parent is tired of excuses and demanded a plan for addressing the education gap created by forced at-home learning during extended school closures in […]

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