Virginia parent informs school board how remote learning affected his kindergartener: ‘It was insanity’

One special needs parent is tired of excuses and demanded a plan for addressing the education gap created by forced at-home learning during extended school closures in […]

Dem candidate in hot seat for ties to union that allegedly peddled graphic sexual content to teens

Ohio Democratic Senate candidate Tim Ryan is being confronted over his connection to a teachers’ union that reportedly made badges for public school employees that promoted information […]

Crying Calif mom’s kidnapping hoax unravels as detectives catch her in massive lie

New video has been released of the moment the California mom who faked her own kidnapping saw her charade crumble. Sherri Papini, sentenced to 18 months in […]

Crowds go wild for ‘far-right’, ‘Italy first’ mother ‘destined’ to become country’s first female prime minister

Italy is on the verge of electing conservative Christian nationalist Giorgia Meloni as she is expected to sweep to victory on Sunday while campaigning on a platform […]

Terrified NY mom slams the ‘system’ after her alleged attacker goes on ‘sex-crimes spree’ while on sweet plea deal

One week after a man climbed through a window in her Bronx apartment and attempted to rape her, a 49-year-old mother of two is still terrified and […]

John Kerry shamelessly admits he doesn’t think Inflation Reduction Act has ‘much’ to do with inflation 

US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry committed the political sin of candor at the International Energy Agency’s Global Clean Energy Action Forum, admitting that President […]

Community mourns when New Jersey high school football player dies after devastating head injury

An up-and-coming high school football star died Wednesday after succumbing to a head injury he sustained on the football field. Xavier McClain, 16, was only a sophomore […]

‘Couldn’t think of a more appropriate partner’: New sponsor to replace Pepsi for Super Bowl halftime show

One of the most “iconic” annual moments many Americans still share — the Super Bowl Halftime Show — is bidding adieu to its ten-year sponsor, Pepsi, and […]

Mom says ‘F**k George Gascon’ as judge considers early release for criminal teen who ran over her and baby

A teen who has confessed to mowing down a mother and her 8-month-old baby in a stolen car has requested an early release from a juvenile probation […]

North Dakota bar goes all in to help family of ‘Republican’ teen fatally run over by unhinged leftist

A bar in North Dakota will be giving 100 percent of its Saturday sales to the grief-stricken family of Cayler Ellingson, the 18-year-old who was run down […]

‘Satanic’: Gavin Newsom shocks with ‘disgusting’ 7-state pro-abortion billboard campaign quoting Jesus

As Californians struggle with soaring inflation, a crippling drought, an affordable housing crisis, rampant drug addiction and homelessness, and the highest gas prices in the nation, Governor […]

New York House race features two openly gay candidates, a first

Arjun Singh, DCNF In a first, the two candidates challenging each other for the open seat in New York’s 3rd Congressional District happen to both be gay […]

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