WH dismisses IG’s damning report that found Afghan refugees let into US may pose a ‘security threat’

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made excuses for the colossal failures of the Biden administration at Wednesday’s press briefing. This time, she was addressing its neglect […]

Newsmax host accuses media of ‘demonizing’ white women, driving racial tensions

Newsmax host Greg Kelly blasted mainstream media for fueling a backlash on white women and contributing to a greater racial divide in our nation. On Wednesday’s “Greg […]

‘Feces and dead rats’: Congressional daycare experienced serious rodent infestation over summer

The U.S. House of Representatives Child Care Center allegedly experienced a prolonged rodent issue over the summer, according to a whistleblower, but the issue has reportedly been […]

Man swings from powerlines to evade police in Washington D.C.

An impromptu high-wire act that, in part, lasted nearly nine hours-plus resulted in an alleged rooftop-hopping, unclothed man taken into custody by Washington, D. C., police. On […]

Don Lemon on business end of the woke mob for joking about ‘mommy brain’ with stammering S.E. Cupp

CNN’s Don Lemon is in no position to criticize anyone, yet here we are. After the fall of Chris Cuomo and recently Brian Stelter, Lemon stands […]

Woman snaps pic of 11-foot gator strapped to fender of SUV casually driving down interstate

A Florida woman could not believe her eyes when she saw a massive 11-foot alligator strapped to the back of an SUV while driving on the interstate […]

Politico’s new owner: ‘TikTok should be banned in every democracy’

TikT, the Chinese-owned social media obsession, has been once again outed as a nefarious agent of the Chinese Communist Party. The latest warning comes from German media […]

Tennis pro hits MIND-BENDING shot that sent the audience to their feet

During a quarterfinals marathon at the U.S Open, up-and-coming pro tennis player Carlos Alcaraz brought the U.S. Open audience to its feet with a stunning return. Alcaraz’s […]

Queen Elizabeth II, longest-reigning British monarch, dead at 96

By Stephanie Nolasco, FOX NEWS Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch who served as the bed face of her country and source of strength for seven decades, […]

Jennifer Rubin warns ‘extreme White Christian nationalism of today will lead to violence, cruelty, lawlessness’

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, a stenographer for the Biden administration and the Democrat-media complex, managed to smear the Make America Great Again coalition and Christianity in […]

WH monkeypox coordinator has a penchant for leather pentagrams, mesh tops, and hot pink daisy dukes

There are things you can just never unsee and right at the top of that list is White House monkeypox coordinator Demetre Daskhalkis in, take your choice, […]

Glenn Greenwald slams ‘regime of censorship’ in brilliant thread on how the authoritarian left silences dissent

Journalist Glenn Greenwald blasted the unholy alliance between the government, media, and Big Tech for colluding to squash dissent and warned about the “regime of censorship being […]

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