I want a burger like THAT picture in the window!

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. a moth drawn to a flame, I just can’t resist pulling into the drive-thru to […]

Half dozen NY sheriffs say they won’t fully enforce state’s new gun law that ‘targets law-abiding citizens’

A half-dozen sheriffs in New York state have reportedly announced their refusal to aggressively enforce a new highly restrictive gun law instigated by Governor Kathy Hochul. Appearing […]

‘Knives or cutting implements’ used in over half as many homicides than rifles, FBI data shows

Ban hands, feet, and hammers! This should be the rabid rallying cry of the left. Instead, they come after rifles, which are used to kill about half […]

Mila Kunis protests Jimmy Kimmel audience booing her: ‘I’m wearing children’s underwear for you!’

Who can explain New Yorkers? Despite hailing from war-torn Ukraine and her status as a critically acclaimed actress, Mila Kunis was repeatedly booed recently on “Jimmy Kimmel […]

Social Security COLA update expected to be boosted significantly due to inflation

News reports say the upcoming cost of living adjustment (COLA) for Social Security could be “huge,” but the Senior Citizens League says it will still be unfair […]

‘No f**king way’: Unforgiving Oscar voters have little love for Will Smith’s new film ‘Emancipation’

The “slap heard round the world” appears to be coming back around to haunt Will Smith less than a year after the infamous incident at last year’s […]

‘Prepper’ mom-of-four details plan to ensure family ‘will thrive, not just survive’ an apocalypse

Earthquake, electric-grid collapse, global apocalypse; Allison Michael is ready for anything and she has laid out her preparations and strategies for all to see. “My family will […]

Innocent father dies in crossfire while visiting son at college for ‘family weekend’ in upstate New York

Liberals are all about “safe spaces” in which they can cocoon against words they don’t like, but the world they’ve created offers no refuge from murder and […]

Mark Levin explains why the progressive left, aka ‘American Marxists,’ cannot support Constitution

Progressives take no prisoners in destroying our Constitution and Mark Levin recently laid out the gory details for all to see. Democrats and progressives desperately scheme to […]

Cultural segregationists triggered over Hailey Bieber rocking ‘brownie glazed lips’ while white

Cultural segregationists are out again, this time accusing supermo Hailey Bieber of a heinous affront to humanity. Beiber demonstrated one of her favorite new fall styles in […]

Probe launched into ‘de-fund police’ Dem senate candidate’s exorbitant personal security costs

The Wisconsin Joint Legislative Audit Committee wants to know why a radical promoter of police department deconstruction hogs all to himself an average of 13.5 hours per […]

Electric vehicle advocates don’t want consumers knowing these 10 important facts

Advocates for electric vehicles are not telling the whole story, taking care to avoid any focus on the pitfalls associated with the industry while pushing all in […]

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