My mother, a kindred spirit to welcome Loretta Lynn home

Country music superstar Loretta Lynn, considered by many the queen of country music, died today at her home in Hurricane Mills, Tenn. The legendry coal miner’s daughter […]

22 House Republicans demand probe of DoD ‘diversity’ chief for ‘egregious bias’: ‘This is very intentional’

As we speak, developments brew in the cauldron of cynicism that is politics in America. Social media posts by a woman who is ironically the newly-employed […]

‘I don’t get it!’ Dem House candidate gives birth in pro-abortion campaign ad

In an attempt to balance her support for abortion, a Louisiana House candidate ivered a shocking campaign ad Monday that has since gone viral. Democrat Katie Darling, […]

‘Anarchist’ teacher exposed, wants to ‘burn down entire system’: ‘F**k the parents… I’m your parent now’

Project Veritas has exposed an “anarchist” middle school teacher named Tyler Wrynn in Oklahoma in their “Secret Curriculum” series where the leftist says he wants to “burn […]

NYU chemistry professor fired when students complain the course is too hard

A New York University professor has been fired after students circulated a petition blaming the academic for their poor test scores. Recognized as one of NYU’s coolest […]

GOP Senate candidate sued by Seattle Seahawks when hero husband wear jersey in ad team gave him

Fresh off receiving coordinated cease-and-desist letters from both Starbucks and The Seattle Times, Washington GOP Senate candidate Tiffany Smiley is also facing a lawsuit from the Seattle […]

Emotional Florida man tells how his two best friends died while saving their wives during Hurricane Ian

Feeling lucky to be alive, a Fort Meyers Beach man recounted his harrowing experience riding out Hurricane Ian in his Estero Island, Florida home. Mike Yost spe […]

Joe Biden confounds with ‘repugnant’ abortion tweet invoking the ‘Almighty’

President Biden may have just committed the ultimate Freudian slip when he shocked social media with a tweet that not only inved God but seemingly compared himself, […]

Innocent father dies in crossfire while visiting son at college for ‘family weekend’ in upstate New York

Liberals are all about “safe spaces” in which they can cocoon against words they don’t like, but the world they’ve created offers no refuge from murder and […]

Tulsi Gabbard raises eyebrows with piping ‘HOT’ firearm video, sends Twitter into frenzy

Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard posted a video compilation of her training with firearms, and had a lot to say about it. “Slow is smooth, smooth is […]

‘No, it’s not valid’: Kilmeade SHREDS Kirby on military willingness to lose 20,000 members over vax mandate

“Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade let loose on Biden official John Kirby Tuesday over the US military’s COVID vaccine mandate put in place despite the president […]

LA Rams linebacker absolutely FLATTENS protester who ran on field

Heads up to future protesters: If you’re loing for a place to spread your message, a field full of people who get paid to knock each other […]

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