LV official accused of killing reporter seen angrily confronting cops in 2020 domestic violence arrest

A new video shows the March 2020 “meltdown” of Las Vegas public official Robert Telles, who was recently charged with the murder of Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter […]

Joe Manchin: VP Harris ‘dead wrong’ about border being secure… ‘we need the wall and a lot more’

Sen. Joe Manchin reacted rather strongly on what he thought of Vice President Kamala Harris’ Sunday statement that our southern border with Mexico is “secure.” “It’s wrong. […]

NFL great Brett Favre’s texts reveal former Miss. governor aided volleyball stadium welfare scandal

Newly released text messages allegedly show legendary ex-NFL quarterback and three-time MVP Brett Favre’s complicity in a scheme to illegally funnel $5 million in welfare funds into […]

Southern California residents run in fear, watch mudslide come barreling in

Terrifying mudslides hit the town of Oak Glen in San Bernardino County, California on Monday after heavy rains uged the area when the back side of Tropical […]

RNC messaging memo calls for GOP candidates to ‘finish their sentences’

Many conservatives surely cannot figure out how on Earth a voter possibly could think a Democratic candidate would be the better choice on issues such as crime […]

Liberal North Carolina tourist destination hemorrhaging police amid rise in violent crime

“Big or small, we wreck them all.” This seems the motto of regressive Democrat administrations when it comes to governing America’s once-peaceful cities. North Carolina tourist town […]

Politico’s new owner: ‘TikTok should be banned in every democracy’

TikT, the Chinese-owned social media obsession, has been once again outed as a nefarious agent of the Chinese Communist Party. The latest warning comes from German media […]

Popular kids show ‘Peppa Pig’ adds same-sex parents after petition circulates demanding it do so

Driving sexual indoctrination down to a new low, the popular British preschool cartoon series “Peppa Pig” has conjured up gay polar bears. And we didn’t even have […]

Four star general says Americans too fat and lawless to join armed forces, defend nation

As the perils to our nation rise, the percentage of our youth prepared to face those threats is falling. Recruits of course must meet stringent requirements. In […]

North Carolina school issues apology for baptizing over 100 students without parental permission

A Christian school in North Carolina celebrated and then had to apologize after baptizing over 100 students without first securing permission from their parents. On the morning […]

MSNBC guest warns ‘we are at war’ with Republicans: ‘These folks are evil … the evil is spreading’

After weeks of accusations by liberals that conservatives are agitating for a civil war, one prominent liberal has come clean on the leftist agenda for the country, […]

Andrew McCarthy weighs in on ‘explosive’ ruling for special master: ‘It’s a big win for the Trump team’

In a reported “big win” for Donald Trump, and after days of speculation regarding the matter, U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of Florida Judge Aileen […]