Woman brutally beaten in NYC subway by killer of his own GRANDMOTHER says police nowhere ‘to be found’

A New York City woman could lose sight in one eye after being brutally beaten by a convicted murderer with a rap sheet a mile long, out […]

Matt Gaetz explains why impeaching Biden must be GOP’s first priority if they retake the House

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) was a guest on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast Monday and flatly stated that when Republicans retake control of the House following the […]

Supposed hunter in hot seat for bragging she ‘smoked’ a wolf pup, but mistakenly killed and skinned a husky

A Montana woman who misto a Siberian husky for a wolf is standing her ground after being blasted on social media for killing and skinning the animal. […]

GOP Rep discusses revelation that Hunter Biden had a ‘Fang Fang’ too: ‘She’s a very attractive girl’

Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) spe with Fox News host Jesse Watters on Monday, discussing Hunter Biden’s former assistant, JiaQi Bao, noting that she was a “very attractive” […]

CNN airs timely video of Roger Stone railing about ‘armed guards’ and 2020 election results

CNN is airing a clip from July 2020, showing political consultant Roger Stone claiming that the presidential election in 2020 will be an abnormal affair and that […]

‘Bucs Jumbotron guy just got fired!’ Aaron Rodgers admits secret to Packers big winning plays

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may be loing for a new Jumbotron operator after commentary by Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers revealed that his team may have […]

McCarthy accused of secretly targeting Madison Cawthorn’s re-election bid in effort to cleanse GOP

The Washington Post is once again using anonymous sources to smear Republicans, this time claiming that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) undermined former congressman Madison Cawthorn […]

Watters calls out Psaki for inadvertently admitting Biden ‘has a terrible record to run on’

Fox News host Jesse Watters bre down the poor list of options the Democrats have in the way of material for their stump speeches this year. “Jen […]

Eric Bolling accuses Tucker Carlson of being an ‘alleged American’ for his take on Russia/Ukraine war

Newsmax host Eric Bolling to direct aim at Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Monday, calling him “an alleged American” over his stance on the Russian/Ukrainian conflict […]

Conway blasts Fetterman for thinking his virtue signaling marijuana flag is ‘funny’ as US faces drug epidemic

Pennsylvania Senate hopeful and current Lt. Governor John Fetterman has received a lot of attention after suffering a stre in April, and none of it too good. […]

Probe launched into ‘de-fund police’ Dem senate candidate’s exorbitant personal security costs

The Wisconsin Joint Legislative Audit Committee wants to know why a radical promoter of police department deconstruction hogs all to himself an average of 13.5 hours per […]

‘Made addiction crisis worse’: Liberal state’s effort to decriminalize hard drugs turns disastrous, critics say

Bronson Winslow, DCNF Critics of Oregon’s Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Act have spen out against the failed attempt to prevent hard drug addiction to substances like […]

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