Watch: Philly man shot twice turns tables on robbery suspects, using one of their guns against them

Dramatic surveillance video purports to depict a man disarming one alleged robber as they struggled on a street corner and then apparently using that weapon on the […]

Oberlin racks up millions in interest after failing to fork over cash owed to bakery smeared as racist

Ohio’s Oberlin college is now on the hook for more than $4 million in interest fees, after it failed to pay out the more than $30 million […]

Secret Service agent sent back to US after ‘physical encounter’ with women ahead of Biden trip to Israel

As President Biden visited Israel on the first leg of his Middle East tour, a Secret Service agent was reportedly first detained and then sent home after […]

Biden says 9.1% inflation rate ‘out of date,’ still blames Putin while offering futile 3-step plan that blasts GOP

(Video Credit: Fox Business) Inflation hit a 40-year-high, coming in at 9.1 percent on Wednesday, and President Joe Biden immediately reacted by claiming the numbers were “out-of-date,” […]

Bill Burr dumps on little watched, ‘male-subsidized’ WNBA: ‘Where are all the feminists?’

Comedian and actor Bill Burr, who has made a name for himself with his politically incorrect schtick, had some fun at the expense of feminists and other […]

Republican candidate filings reach record levels in run up to midterms, pacing well ahead of Dems

If contests were won on paper there would be no reason to play out the competitions. That said, early indicators continue to stack in favor of the […]

Biden disregards ‘no handshake’ precaution in Israel, has first ‘What am I doing now?’ moment at AF1 steps

President Biden touched down in Israel beginning his Middle East tour and proceeded to have his first, “What am I doing now?” moment on the tarmac followed […]

CNN, MSNBC opt not to cover ‘no evidence’ finding on claim Border Patrol agents whipped Haitian migrants

The investigation into the allegations from 2021 that Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) agents whipped Haitian migrants trying to cross the U.S. southern border illegally was concluded […]

Man who defended home with ‘AK-47 style’ gun will ‘absolutely not’ face charges, FL sheriff says

A Florida man will face no charges for reportedly opening fire on three alleged home invaders in an incident that occurred in the Pensacola area shortly before […]

NYT reporter has ‘real problem’ with Jan 6 hearings showing Trump as ‘non factor’ in ‘crazy’ Oval Office meeting

(Video Credit: CNN) New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman asserted on CNN Wednesday that she believes that the Jan. 6th committee is going too easy on former […]

Newsmax TV’s Greg Kelly calls cops on WA sex shop over ‘crazy, freak sexual awareness’ event for kids

(Video: Newsmax TV) After learning about the plans of a school board director in the state of Washington to host sexual “pleasure” instruction for children at the […]

CBD trial on post-op patient pain management yields promising results

A clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of Cannabidiol (CBD) in treating post-operation pain showed some promising results, and TR Processing LLC is to thank. The company describes […]

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