Science leaders expect criminal charges for researchers involved in fraudulent Alzheimer’s study

In the wake of the bombshell allegations that several Alzheimer’s studies contained fabricated data, several figures in the scientific community have called for criminal penalties to be […]

Bodycam reveals how handcuffed woman died after falling out of moving police car; Ben Crump smells payday

Georgia authorities have released bodycam footage of a tragic incident in which a handcuffed woman alleged fell out of the back seat of a police car in […]

‘Screw polls!’ ‘Meathead’ Rob Reiner squees over Biden, claims Archie Bunker would have turned on Trump

  Hollywood actor Rob “Meathead” Reiner is convinced that legendary conservative sitcom character Archie Bunker would have turned against former President Donald Trump over the Jan. 6th […]

Putin targets USA in new Russian Navy doctrine, as fresh scrutiny arises over his limp, and right arm use

A new video has prompted conjecture about the health status of Vladimir Putin, president of the Russian Federation. On sleuths claim that the footage, in which […]

Dem pundit calls Herschel Walker dumb & obedient: ‘That’s what Republicans want from their negroes’

One of MSNBC’s resident bigots has alleged that the only reason Republicans like Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker is because he does “what he’s told” and that’s […]

Red state gets serious about punishing schools violating Critical Race Theory ban

Tulsa Public Schools was discipd by the Oklahoma State Board of Education on Thursday for multiple violations of a state ban on teaching divisive Critical Race Theory […]

In hours, one state passes bill that would ban virtually all abortions

In another win for unborn children, the Indiana State Senate passed a bill that would ban virtually all abortions after a fertilized egg is implanted in the […]

VA woman shocked after creature’s head pops out of her popcorn bag in grocery store

A Virginia woman was just going about her business during a visit to a local grocery store when she was shocked to discover what was a snake […]

Economic historian: ‘We live in an Orwellian hell-scape.’ Facebook is ‘fact checking’ anyone who questions WH word-games defining recession

An economic historian is calling out fact-checkers for seemingly carrying water for the Biden administration. Phillip Magness, the director of research and education at the American […]

Chuck Todd tried everything to get Manchin to say he hopes the Dems win the midterms. He couldn’t do it!

  Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin is facing angry backlash from the Democrat Party base for refusing to confirm that he wants his own party to perform well […]

Dems place faith in Merrick Garland to take Trump down after ‘Mueller disappointment’

Democrats, who were crushed when former special counsel Robert Mueller’s sweeping witch hunt failed to destroy the political career of former President Donald J. Trump, now see […]

Dillard’s fires longtime employee for allegedly calling black shopper the N-word in front of his young son; dad oozes ‘grace and honor’

Dillard’s has terminated an employee who worked at a Dallas location after a video taken in the aftermath of his alleged racist remarks to a black customer […]

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