Naked Hunter Biden films himself smoking drugs, ‘fondling himself’ in sensory deprivation tank: report

The story of Hunter Biden is almost unbearably sordid, and it illustrates the truly appalling depths of depravity and degeneracy into which America’s “elite” families have sunk. […]

NPR promotes ‘queer’ sex education for children, redefines sex and denounces stigma of STDs

National Public Radio (NPR) appears to have gone full groomer, preaching “queer” sex education for children during a segment that promoted masturbation, redefined what sex is, and […]

Mulvaney uses Cassidy Hutchinson’s dubious testimony to trash Mark Meadows: Ran West Wing like a ‘clown show’

(Video Credit: CNN) Former Trump White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney railed against Mark Meadows who succeeded him, claiming he was “detached” and ran the West […]

‘Typical day in NYC’: Footage shows women throw tantrum, trash store and injure employees over extra sauce

A purported confrontation over condiments resulted in a New York City fast-food eatery getting trashed early Sunday morning. With an alarm blaring, the incident in which a […]

‘Advanced stripper s**t’: Rapper 50 Cent tweets hilarious photoshop of twerking state senator with Biden

By now, you’ve already heard of Rhode Island state Representative Tiara Mack, who went viral for twerking upside down in a campaign video posted to her official […]

2003 pic of Khloe Kardashian with black women on leashes resurfaces, leftists fume that hardly anyone cares

The famous-for-being-famous Khloe Kardashian is facing a bit of controversy over a resurfaced photo from Halloween of 2003 in which she is depicted as a pimp with […]

Lockdown loving Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. took taxpayer funded trip to Jersey Shore amid pandemic: report

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman (D), who is also running for the Senate and recently suffered a stroke, evidently decided to take a taxpayer-funded vacation on the […]

‘You scared, guys?’ James Woods slams NYT for calling rising GOP star ‘far-right Latina’

The corporate-left, pro-Democrat tabloid known as The New York Times is apparently trying to disparage U.S. Rep. Mayra Flores (R-Tex.), but Hollywood icon James Woods is not […]

Detained WNBA player pleads guilty in court, faces 10 years in Russian prison

WNBA player Brittney Griner, who is being detained in Russia, has pleaded guilty to the charges against her but told the judge that there was no “intent” […]

LA school district training teachers to ditch ‘white’ concept of ‘merit’ and ‘individualism’

(Video: Fox News) College professor Erec Smith, the co-founder of the nonprofit Free Black Thought organization, is giving the CRT-obsessed and “nightmarish” Los Angeles Unified School District […]

‘Happy Days’ star announces plans to run for mayor in California

It would seem that everyone is interested in politics these days and, for actor Anson Williams, it is something he plans to make a reality. Best known […]

‘Friends’ creator laments use of wrong pronouns for Chandler’s trans father in marathon white-guilt trip

It doesn’t appear that left-wing progressives – particularly those maladjusted souls in Hollywood – will ever grow tired of flagellating themselves at the altar of wokeness. The […]

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