Child services show up at Kentucky family’s home who had 6-yr-old run 26-mile marathon

Authorities have paid a visit to the home of a six-year-old boy who ran the 26-mile Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati with the rest of the family […]

EPA scored $7million in COVID relief funds to swap diesel school busses with electric

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reportedly doled out $7 million in COVID-19 relief funds to swap out diesel school buses for electric ones in underserved communities […]

Winning Kentucky Derby trainer questioned about derogatory Kamala Harris tweet

Eric Reed, the trainer whose horse, Rich Strike, won the Kentucky Derby despite being quite the long shot, was quizzed by an ESPN host about a derogatory […]

‘Sounds like a spy novel’: Pussy Riot musician details her crafty escape from Russia

Maria Alyokhina, the leader of the notorious activist Russian band “Pussy Riot,” just fled Russia in a daring escape that is reminiscent of a Cold War spy […]

Trump’s new Twitter handle? Biden floats attack on fmr. president by giving him really cool nicknames

President Joe Biden’s Wednesday visit to Illinois went just as well as most of his other speaking events, until he dubbed former President Donald Trump “the great […]

DEA quietly removes narco-busting aircraft from Mexico as drug overdoses skyrocket

Kendall Tietz, DCNF As overdose-induced deaths skyrocket to record highs in the U.S, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has quietly relocated a plane fundamental to anti-narcotics operations […]

Federal appeals court rules that California gun ban is unconstitutional

A federal appeals court has struck down a California law prohibiting the sale of semiautomatic weapons to young adults in a major blow to anti-gun zealots, potentially […]

Appeals court allows Texas law prohibiting social media companies from banning users over political views

It looks like Texas’ law preventing the Big Tech social media corporations from banning users over their political views and opinions is receiving a stay of execution. […]

Dem lawmakers chant, fail to codify abortion; AP reports ‘Women’s Health Protection Act’ was ‘blocked by GOP-led filibuster’

(Video Credit: ABC News) Democrats tried and failed for a second time on Wednesday to codify abortion access on a nationwide basis via the Senate in a […]

Hiring Manager at Dropbox admits she favors others over white people, could use less of them in her life

A woman who purports to be a manager for the San Francisco-based Dropbox file-hosting service and who has previously tweeted about needing fewer white people in her […]

Top US scientist warned Chinese counterparts of possible probes into the Wuhan Lab. One year later, he took a job at a Chinese university

Philip Lenczycki, DCNF Dr. James W. Le Duc, head of the Galveston National Laboratory, warned Chinese researchers about potential congressional investigations in April 2020, according to emails […]

Here’s how the US Navy responded to China’s mock invasion of Taiwan

Philip Lenczycki, DCNF A premier U.S. Navy warship sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Tuesday in response to China’s recent mock invasion of Taiwan. The USS Port […]