Hiring Manager at Dropbox admits she favors others over white people, could use less of them in her life

A woman who purports to be a manager for the San Francisco-based Dropbox file-hosting service and who has previously tweeted about needing fewer white people in her orbit allegedly abides by that same philosophy in hiring decisions.

Fox News producer Greg Re along with Libs of TikTok shared tweets that seem to cast some doubt on the company’s employment practices.

Dropbox head of design Jasmine Friedl is now protecting her tweets. Rather than respond to the controversial messaging, Dropbox’s chief legal officer has done the same.

In one tweet embedded below, Friedl purportedly said, in part, “I choose to prioritize folks in our BIPOC and URM communities.”

BIPOC stands for black, indigenous, and people of color. URM is an acronym for underrepresented minority.

In a separate tweet, Friedl apparently opined that “Things I need more in my life: feminism, comedy, truth, and less white people.”

Re, a producer on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on the Fox News Channel, tweeted: “Never seen anything like this. @dropbox hiring manager is openly saying she selects candidates based on race, contrary to federal law. Dropbox is ignoring all inquiries from us about this, signaling they are complicit in these violations. These are true believers, come what may.”

“I have reached out to Dropbox to see how many candidates this manager has rejected in recent years and whether they will investigate,” he also noted.

As civil rights and First Amendment attorney Harmeet Dhillon confirmed, employment practices that discriminate on the basis of race violate a panoply of laws in the U.S and could land a business enterprise in court.

“This is illegal under federal and state law. If a white candidate applied for such a job and was denied while a less-qualified candidate was hired, the company would have some questions to answer, and with this kind of evidence, a claim to defend,” she asserted.

Greg Re indicated that he reached out to the cloud-based service company for comment to no avail so far.

The aforementioned chief legal officer, a  “democracy fan” who purportedly has made a personal commitment to advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, has evidently decided to hide his social media activity rather than respond to inquiries.

As part of a Twitter thread, Re also claimed, “This is a clear pattern with this racist Dropbox manager. For years, Jasmine [Friedl] has explicitly promised to offer extra assistance to certain applicants based on their race. It’s hard to overstate how irresponsible these tweets are.”

If the social media activity is an accurate portrayal of who does or doesn’t get hired at Dropbox, it appears to be another unfortunate example in corporate America of how DEI (or DIE, as some critics, such as journalist Jason Whitlock, have reshuffled the letters) actually results in exclusion rather than inclusion.

At some point, Dropbox could come forward and provide what it considers a reasonable explanation of its alleged hiring preferences.

It remains to be seen if Tucker Carlson will cover this story on his top-rated, prime-time show on the Fox News Channel.

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35 thoughts on “Hiring Manager at Dropbox admits she favors others over white people, could use less of them in her life

  1. In my 40 year corporate career, I can’t think of even one instance where an “affirmative action” hire was anything but a train wreck. Always, ALWAYS hire the best candidate regardless of skin tone or sexual preference.

  2. Isn’t this exactly what Biden did with the Supreme Court justice nomination?

  3. “fewer white people in her orbit”
    We are in agreement about one thing, I need fewer people (of any color) constantly playing the race card in my orbit.
    If a person has a problem or is uncomfortable with their skin color it is between them and their God! Not my problem!

  4. These are woke white idiots it looks like to me, from their profile pics. They are the worst, most non whites don’t even like them.

  5. Well, I guess the cats out of the bag. This is an all out assault on whites, carried out by an indoctrinated and exceedingly ignorant minority. I guess the question is…how long are you going to accept this as status quo. If you white people choose not to fight, then you deserve your future. (Your temerity will also doom your children’s future)

  6. This is one sick person – hate and vitriol from people like her have a large dose of Karma coming to them

  7. Sue dropbox and this black racist pig. Let it follow her the test of her hopefully short life.

  8. What would these people who hate Whites do if whites were to leave the US and take with them all the things they invented, they created?

    1. Why would we do that? It’s our country. I say we kick them out and revoke their citizenship instead.

  9. Black racism in America is getting out of hand and will surely lead to a backlash that will leave them reeling.

  10. Assuming she has a boss with some smidgen of common sense, I’d fire her immediately for placing the company in jeopardy by violating of federal and state laws. This could get costly.

  11. Don’t cancel your Dropbox accounts. Sign up for free ones and be a cost to the, burdening their resources with no revenue.

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  13. I thought racism on the job or elsewhere was illegal. Guess it depends on which race you happen to be.

  14. We told you Democrats were bringing back segregation and discrimination. We told you.

  15. All the other white people are the problem, not me. I deserve my job, not the other white people. White people are racists, but not me! I’m the unicorn white that hates the other whites. GFY stupid c word.

    I wonder if her wanting less whites around extends to customers? Maybe us racist white folks should move our cloud storage accounts to another service that appreciates what us horrible white people bring to the table – like her salary.

    1. Once you try an old white man you will never go back . It’s called Classic

  16. California, the streets are paved in gold, th e land of milk and honey! San Francisco, the streets are paved in schiesse, milk and honey? In Los Angeles and Oakland it’s “Homy”, hold the milk. California, the shining example of the DNC (DEMOCRATS) in action. What a state!

  17. Maybe my eyes are lying again but… ISN’T SHE WHITE? maybe she should remove herself from the planet to help her cause.

  18. “BIPOC stands for black, indigenous, and people of color. URM is an acronym for underrepresented minority.” Liberal code for wanting to return to segregation by opting out of American integration. Caused by Democrat racist policies designed to indoctrinate and control the Democrat voting bloc.

  19. I stand corrected. Biden was right when he said we have a racial problem in the US. It is just not what he had in mind. Non white people are the most racist and hate filled people in all the world. Not because someone has done them wrong some how. Because someone told them they have a right to be hate filled bigots.

  20. Stupid white c**t.

    That’s okay, though, because I head up the talent team for a SaaS tech company in the Bay Area, and although no one would suspect it, when I see a candidate who has their pronouns in their LinkedIn profile, I immediately reject them.

    No openly woke a$$holes are getting into the hiring process while I’m here.

  21. The mantra o the Democratic Party. Diversity (anti-white), Equity (equal outcomes/Socialism) and Inclusion (Trans rights). They are masters of twisting the English language. Just like killing babies is “Women’s rights” and requiring voter ID is “Voter suppression”.

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