‘That employee you just fired for not taking the vaxx was my mommy’: Campaign launches against forced jab

Attorney Sidney Powell’s website “Defending the Republic” has started a powerful social media campaign that speaks up for the families of Americans who are fired from their […]

Beloved S. Fla radio host Dick Farrel dies from Covid complications; tells friends he was wrong about the jab

Former South Florida talk show host Dick Farrel died last week after contracting COVID-19, his untimely death being just one more American fatality that lies at the […]

San Fran sheriff’s deputies threaten to quit over COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Fed up with the political overload surrounding all things COVID, San Francisco deputies have threatened to quit if they are required to take the jab. The sheriff’s […]

‘Historian’ revives Melania’s Rose Garden criticism one year later, Mrs. Trump fires back

The unbridled hatred on the left for Donald Trump — and his potential to derail their visions of a socialist utopia — is so intense it sweeps […]

Rand Paul calls for Americans to rise up say no to tyrants: ‘they can’t arrest us all’

Senator Rand Paul is taking a stand against those who are seeking to strip Americans of their rights by using COVID as an excuse to radically transform […]

Princeton offers a Black Lives Matter course. Here’s a peek at the curriculum.

Princeton University is offering a Black Lives Matter course that features readings from an avowed Marxist who was once a leader in the Communist Party USA, a […]

Gold medal for ‘biggest D-head’ goes to Olympic runner who wiped out opponents’ water

An Olympic marathon runner is getting heat because he seemingly knocked over a row of water bottles like dominos at a hydration station during the 26-mile road […]

John Legend’s tweet aged so very badly after he partied at Obama’s birthday bash

A recent COVID tweet by Singer John Legend is coming back to haunt him and is not aging well after he and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, attended […]

‘Ambushed’ Bongino responds after Trump spox accuses Fox News of censoring his interview

Former President Donald Trump took part in a phone-in interview Saturday on Fox News’ “Unfiltered with Dan Bongino,” discussing the 2020 election, border security, and school reopenings, […]

Top Cuomo aide suddenly resigns as firestorm engulfs NY governor

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing a critical week that could determine his political future and it’s not off to a good start after the sudden […]

NYT reporter slammed for hot take: Maskless Obama bash guests called ‘sophisticated, vaccinated crowd’

New York Times White House correspondent Annie Karni appeared on CNN and sparked outrage on social media after reportedly quoting a resident who called those at former […]

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings gets a big win over Gov. DeSantis and his ban on vaccine passports

A federal judge on Sunday night sided with Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings in a fight with Florida over vaccine passports, granting the cruise line’s request for a […]