NFL star Cam Newton shares mugshot photo that stuns the Internet. His reason is remarkable.

NFL superstar Cam Newton set social media on fire on Tuesday after sharing what he is thankful for. The Carolina Panthers quarterback shared his mugshot from his […]

Obama’s DREAMers go on Thanksgiving hunger strike, and look what they’re demanding

I don’t think they’re gonna get much sympathy.

Busty cop busted for torching her cheating husband’s clothes


Two years ago this visit to Santa went viral. Now see why the reunion is melting everyone’s heart.

Sometimes you just have to believe. A deaf little girl’s magical moment with Santa has become a viral Christmas classic for all the right reasons. A little […]

Justice department moves to strip US citizenship from sex abusers

“Committing fraud in any immigration matter undermines the integrity of our immigration system, and is a betrayal of the American people’s generosity,”

Key GOP holdout now backs gutting Obamacare through tax reform

“While I support repealing the individual mandate …”

Obama becomes Hillary’s next target of blame: His record made it hard to run on ‘agenda of change’

The 2016 election is a full year behind us and Hillary Clinton is still talking about “what happened.” The two-time presidential candidate apparently had enough going against […]

Morning Joe goes entirely too far by calling GOP the ‘party of pedophiles’–its reason is just sick

Morning Joe crossed the bridge from Trump opposition to blanket smear by calling the GOP “the party of pedophiles” due to Roy Moore allegations. It’s one thing […]

Amazing grace: Trump’s Thanksgiving proclamation thanks God – unlike Obama’s

Happy Give Thanks to God Day, everyone!

Liz Warren holds her fire on Al Franken sexual abuse, but when she goes to attack Roy Moore…DANG

“Where are we?”

What is ‘sexual harassment’? A new poll reveals stunning findings on what qualifies as ‘over the line’


Raging feminist lib comic Sarah Silverman explains why she ‘fell in love’ with Trump voters

“We can have fun. We can even love each other.”

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