Sad! Trump obsessed CNN hosts challenge young spelling bee champ to spell a Trump ‘nonsense’ word

“Nobody makes fun of you when you accidentally call yourself ‘News.'”

Kimberly Guilfoyle shocks co-hosts, casually lets slip she spoke with Trump ahead of Paris withdrawal

‘Wait a second!’

Ted Cruz, on roll after Paris withdrawl, completely roasts Elon Musk’s decision to bail on Trump

“Right on point!”

Ann Coulter’s hilarious ‘plan’ for unhinged liberals after Paris withdrawal is nothing short of brilliant

‘We could build the wall!’

Under pressure from lawsuit, Maryland Dems admit to gerrymandering to win election – and it worked

“That was my hope.”

cnn panel Paris agreement Climate accord jason miller erin burnett john avlon
‘You can’t tell me to stop!’ Like clockwork, CNN panel goes completely off the rails over Paris pullout

“Hold on, guys, I’m the anchor of the program.”

Rand Paul literally laughs at climate alarmists, interjects common sense to the chagrin of Jake Tapper

“Mass extinction? Really?”

So much for ‘sorry’! Kathy Griffin lawyers up, says she’ll respond to ‘bullying’ SHE ‘endured’ from Trump family

“Give. Me. A. D*mn. Break.”

‘Pittsburgh, not Paris’: Despite doomsday HOWLS from the left, President Trump boldly puts America first

Liberals will howl. Globalists will cringe. RINOs will cower. But, Trump kept his promise to the Americans who put him in office.

Megyn Kelly inadvertently snubs co-host right out of the gates; wears eye-popping outfit for Putin interview

“Hey, guys. It’s great to be with you…”

Customers terrified when fatal gun fight breaks out between bounty hunters and fugitive in car dealership

Frightening cell phone video showed the moment two bounty hunters engaged in a deadly confrontation with a fugitive. The video, released Wednesday, showed the bounty hunters, Gabriel […]

CNN gets instant dose of ‘typo’ karma while mocking Trump’s ‘covfefe’ tweet

“You had one job!”