Ann Coulter’s hilarious ‘plan’ for unhinged liberals after Paris withdrawal is nothing short of brilliant

Despite being one of his earliest and most passionate supporters, conservative author, columnist and pundit Ann Coulter hasn’t been enamored with some of President Trump’s latest moves, particularly his Syria strike and agreement to the latest budget deal that, among other things, left out funding for the border wall.

But the president’s bold withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, a move that is bound to boost the economy and, better still, is giving the Left conniption fits, might just have Coulter back on the Trump Train, at least for now.

And she had the perfect tweet to relate her feelings:

Sounds like a plan! Indeed, the Left is definitely “shitting bricks,” so the rebar would just be icing on the cake.

Naturally, Coulter’s tweet drew some strong responses.

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Scott Morefield


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