Megyn Kelly inadvertently snubs co-host right out of the gates; wears eye-popping outfit for Putin interview

“Hey, guys. It’s great to be with you…”

Customers terrified when fatal gun fight breaks out between bounty hunters and fugitive in car dealership

Frightening cell phone video showed the moment two bounty hunters engaged in a deadly confrontation with a fugitive. The video, released Wednesday, showed the bounty hunters, Gabriel […]

CNN gets instant dose of ‘typo’ karma while mocking Trump’s ‘covfefe’ tweet

“You had one job!”

‘He-Man’ gets approval to run on special Senate election ballot in Florida — no, really

Oh, Florida. What’s next?

Alan Dershowitz predicts upcoming Comey testimony could backfire on Dems

“Why will it help him legally?”

CNN just can’t crack top 10 in cable news ratings

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson took the top spot for May.

Shutterstock Weiner Abedin
He’s back in!? Humiliated Huma reportedly gives her Weiner a 1-year reprieve

But, WHY?

Meanwhile, PolitiFact is asking for help to check if Trump’s ‘covfefe’ is really an Arabic axiom

“We finally have a president that’s a secret Muslim.”

Terrifying video footage pours out of Manila amid reports ‘gunmen’ stormed major hotel

“Oh, my God you guys. I can hear gun shots.”

DOJ reportedly approves warrant to spy on select journalists in effort to root out leakers

“The three White House sources will either be fired or have already been fired…”

‘Conservative Millennial’ stuns internet with ‘Oscar-worthy’ impression of conspiratorial lib

The only thing missing was a tin-foil hat.

Australian model’s priceless reaction to shooting a firearm on Texas gun range says it all


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