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‘Conservative Millennial’ stuns internet with ‘Oscar-worthy’ impression of conspiratorial lib

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“If you thought #covfefe was a typo, YOU’RE WRONG!”

Allie Stuckey, who blogs under the name, “The Conservative Millennial,” gave a stellar performance, one worthy of an Academy Award nomination Wednesday, in response to President Trump’s buzzed about Twitter typo “covfefe.”

“Trump finally said the thing that’s going to impeach him,” she began, portraying a liberal weenie. The only thing missing was a tin-foil hat.

Clip via The Conservative Millennial

Was “covfefe” a typo? “It’s not,” she insisted. “That’s just what Kellyanne Conway wants you to believe. You know — alternative facts.”

It’s all so obvious Stuckey told her viewers. “Code red — covfefe!” a message to the Kremlin, see?

“If you don’t know what’s going on with Trump and Russia, you’ve just been living under a rock.”

She went on to surmise that Trump may be Russian himself, or even be related to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Phew! All that from “covfefe”? Yep. It’s clear as the nose on your face. And Stuckey has unimpeachable confirmation.

“I heard that sources close to a relative of someone who lives near Washington, D.C. actually, accurately confirmed that covfefe is a code word,” she explained.

Well, then, that should settle it.

More than a fair number took her seriously.

“Can you be any more ignorant?” Dan Fragale replied. “Yes the Russian conspiracy theory is in the news every minute of every day. Yet after 18 months of this, not one shred of an actual convictable piece of evidence has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. You are one sick piece of ignorance for sure.”

Most picked it up right away, though. Including this one from Kevin Lopez.

“Dead accurate impersonation of the modern liberal right here,” Lopez wrote. “Give this girl an Oscar.”

And similar comments were posted to Stuckey’s Twitter account.

One person, however, noted a dead giveaway that she’s conservative.

And that does indeed settle it. No Rachel Maddow is Stuckey.


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