Obamas officially make DC their home with 2nd most expensive purchase in ritzy neighborhood

At this rate, Barack Obama may NEVER leave Washington, D.C.

Hillary becomes butt of many jokes when ‘Fox & Friends’ tweets long list of embarrassing election loss excuses

All we can do is hope she runs in 2020.

‘F-ing bull***t’: Furious DNC data exec comes out swinging against Hillary for being thrown under the bus

Hillary’s not making any new friends.

barr screenshot
Roseanne Barr shares what she’d do to Kathy Griffin if her grandsons were traumatized like Barron Trump


conservative watchdogs target rachel maddow msnbc after sean hannity boycott
Conservative watchdogs turn tables with counter offensive; target advertisers of Maddow, liberal shows

“Fighting fire with fire is just to point out this can go both ways.”

Jesse Watters nails post-election Hillary: She’s become what she imagined Trump would be

That’s got to hurt.

House Intel Committee investigation heats up; issue subpoenas naming three Obama-era officials

“You don’t issue a subpoena unless you haver a good-faith bases to believe the documents you’re asking for exist.”

calif town hall screenshot
All hell breaks loose at Calif Dem’s town hall when residents opposed to illegal immigration show up

“In other words, illegal aliens are going to be taught how circumvent U.S. authorities.”

Classless Rosie O’Donnell and ‘Jeopardy!’ champ one-up sick Kathy Griffin to pile on 11-yr-old Barron

“You need help!”

Florida police release dash cam footage of Tiger Woods’ field sobriety test

Woods denied that he’d been drinking, but may have been under the influence of pain medication.

Wasserman Schultz admits hill IT security violations, blames House administrators for not stopping her

“Are members monitored? … How is it enforced?”

screenshot hillary clinton blames DNC, facebook, new york times for election loss blame game
Hillary whines she ‘inherits nothing’ from ‘bankrupt’ Dems, then throws DNC under the bus for election loss

Might be time to ‘woman up’ Hillary.