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Hillary becomes butt of many jokes when ‘Fox & Friends’ tweets long list of embarrassing election loss excuses

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Who hasn’t Hillary Clinton blamed for her election defeat?

After her additions to the list yesterday, which included the Democrat National Committee that rigged the primary for her, there aren’t many scapegoats left.

And the team at Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” highlighted Hillary’s pathetic blame game on Thursday when by tweeting her growing list of excuses.

They were joined in their mockery by many on social media.

There’s only so much room on the screen people!

Keep waiting.

Even some Democrats are admitting they’ve had enough.

Former State Department spokeswoman for President Obama’s administration, Marie Harf, told Fox News on Thursday that she has heard enough from Hillary Clinton.

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“As a Democrat I would say that I’d like to hear a little bit less from Hillary Clinton, and I hope my party isn’t doing this kind of blame game and is looking, in a really serious way at how we win voters back,” she said. “I’m happy to hear from new leaders in our party and to look at what Democrats will be in two years, in four years, in 10 years and not what they were last year.”

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