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He’s back in!? Humiliated Huma reportedly gives her Weiner a 1-year reprieve

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Weiner’s back in!

Despite repeated humiliation, long-suffering Huma Abedin continues to stand by her man.

On the same day last month Anthony Weiner pleaded guilty to sexting with a 15-year-old girl, Abedin filed for divorce — but she has since invited her disgraced husband to continue living with her, according to the New York Post.


According to an anonymous source, Hillary Clinton’s right-hand woman “still hasn’t served him with the divorce papers.”

And after reportedly renewing the lease on their luxury three-bedroom, 1,500-square-foot Union Square duplex for another year, Abedin welcomed her sex-crazed husband back into the bosom.

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An anonymous family friend said her motivation was that Weiner, a registered sex offender, has been the primary caretaker for their son.

…to include when he tweeted a photo of himself with an erection, which included the boy sleeping next to him in the bed.

“Huma is worried about her son,” the friend explained, presumably while maintaining a straight face. “That’s her priority, and Anthony plays a very strong role in raising him.”

A quick scan of social media shows that trolling Weiner never grows old… here’s a few responses from Twitter:

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