Ted Cruz, on roll after Paris withdrawl, completely roasts Elon Musk’s decision to bail on Trump

In the wake of President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, several CEOs of major international corporations naturally aren’t happy. Of course, the degree of their unrest arguably depends on what degree their companies are invested in alternatives to fossil fuels or how much they otherwise stand to lose (i.e. government subsidies) by the United States pulling out of the deal.

But regardless, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, General Electric’s Jeff Immelt, and even Disney CEO Robert Iger tweeted their displeasure at putting America first:

Musk and Iger are even taking their ball and going home, announcing via Twitter their plans to withdraw from the president’s business advisory council.

Apparently, bolstering China and India at the expense of American jobs means so much to these people that they are willing to toss away any influence they had because this one thing didn’t go their way.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, however, sees right through the hypocrisy. In a 12:37am tweet Friday morning, Cruz nailed them all to the wall:

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Which drew plenty of positive reactions:

On Thursday, the Texas senator tweeted his strong support for withdrawing from the deal:

Cruz also had a history less for an academic-type who seems to think the United States was created via treaty:

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