Mika admits she ‘played’ Trump in maddening response to tweets: ‘He can be goaded so easily’

“No. We report on his lies.”

CNN anchors claim Trump is the one obsessed with the media, play victims as ‘enemies of the state’

“That’s what he cares about. That’s what animates him.”

Horror of socialized medicine hits hard when European court issues CRUEL fate for sick baby

“This is some evil big government stuff here.”

Bipartisan draft legislation proposes end of life tenure at SCOTUS

“Politics has infected the Supreme Court confirmation process.”

Could conservative Jenna Jameson be the new face of breastfeeding liberation? She’s working on it

What time to be alive.

Dad uses backyard trap and manpower to catch adult pervert who won’t stop sexting his teen daughter

He picked the wrong girl!

The news isn’t the only fake thing about CNN according to new Twitter audit

“We use these scores to determine whether any given user is real or fake.”

Kellyanne Conway pulls some impressive maneuvers to avoid question about Trump’s Mika tweet

That elevator couldn’t come fast enough!

‘Facelift’ fallout begins! WH stands ground on Mika tweet, while libs organize next strategy to oust Trump

“As the First Lady has stated publicly in the past…”

SG Purse Snatching
Insane video catches pregnant woman mow down purse thief in parking lot – now they both face charges

“I was not going to let him get away with it.”

AP Donald Trump, Chicago Cubs
‘A**hole of the year’? Chicago Cub insists he’s innocent of pulling rude stunt during visit with Trump

“I would never do that…”

Take that Acosta! Bipartisan former press secretaries come out in support Spicer’s camera-free briefings

It would “calm things down a bit.”