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Could conservative Jenna Jameson be the new face of breastfeeding liberation? She’s working on it

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In what could be a first, a former porn star is making a stand to normalize breastfeeding.

Legendary porn film actress turned conservative warrior Jenna Jameson shared a photo Tuesday on her Instagram account of her two-month-old daughter, Batel, breastfeeding.


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The photo of Jameson, sporting a ponytail and lying alongside her daughter, was captioned, “#normalizebreastfeeding.”

She posted another photo of the adorable baby sleeping beside her.

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“This mama is tired… but she is also, proud, elated, excited, peaceful and content. #sleepisoverrated #babygirl #exclusivelybreastfed #momlife,” she captioned the post.

The 43-year-old, along with fiance Lior Bitton, welcomed little Batel into the world on April 6 and Jameson has shared many photos of the newest member of her family.

Daddy’s girl… flower crown by @petalcrownco

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She has become an advocate for breastfeeding, and her Instagram feed is filled with beautiful baby pictures.

My my my, how my life has changed #momlife #exclusivelybreastfed

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Jameson is also the mother of eight-year-old twin boys, Journey and Jesse, who were born to her and her ex, Tito Ortiz.

Jameson’s photo and shout out to breastfeeding garnered over 5,000 comments with many applauding her choice and complimenting her.

Image: screengrab from Instagram/Jenna Jameson

Arguably the world’s most famous adult entertainment star, Jameson is also a staunch conservative and supports President Donald Trump, calling out hypocritical liberals on Twitter quite regularly.

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She minced no words humiliating The Atlantic’s senior editor when he botched some facts on the Alexandria shooting of GOP congressmen and called out Bill Maher for criticizing the president, firing off a finger-wagging “I’ve seen you” at the Playboy mansion.

She’s definitely a busy mom who’s not afraid to speak her mind.

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