‘A**hole of the year’? Chicago Cub insists he’s innocent of pulling rude stunt during visit with Trump

Did he, or didn’t he… and if he did, was it intentional?

Chicago Cubs player Albert Almora Jr. found himself at the center of a firestorm of criticism for allegedly flipping the middle-finger during a photo taken with President Donald Trump during the team’s visit Wednesday to the White House.

…even though Almora insists he can sleep at night because he “didn’t do it.”

And while looks can sometimes be deceiving, the player earned a new label on social media to go along with “world champion”…

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The image above does not capture the moment certain digits where tucked into his pocket, but the following photo does:

But the outfielder told the Chicago Sun-Times there was “a second finger” out.

“Obviously, it’s unfortunate,” Almora said of the trumped up controversy. “I would never do that to the president of the United States.”

And he clarified that his index finger was also out of his pocket.

“We laugh about it now, but there’s definitely two fingers out there,” Almora insisted. There’s not one.”

Below are a couple of videos of the visit, which appeared to be jovial with everyone having a good time:

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Nevertheless, the reaction was fierce, proving how volatile our politics have become and how quick social media is to pass judgement… with or without the full story.

Did he or didn’t he? The debate rages on… here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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