‘The Perfect Man’ billboard on Indiana highway has Muslims outraged

“We do support free speech, but we do realize this is also rooted in bigotry,” he said.

Sweet little boy caught on camera pledging allegiance to American flag when no one’s looking

Way! Cool! “I wished I could show it to every parent who feels like what they teach their kids goes in one ear and out the other,” said Jami.

Media blatantly buries the real reason girl who ‘looks like a boy’ was kicked out of soccer match

All major news outlets continue to push this false narrative.

Limited detention space still forcing ‘catch and release’ of illegal aliens; what’s Trump doing about it?

Court rulings also limit who can remain in immigration detention as their cases work through the courts.

Former die-hard never-Trumper to conservatives: ‘We are in a Civil War’ and it’s time to support the president

“We are in a Civil war and if you don’t recognize it then obviously it doesn’t matter (to you).”

Gorka: 7 dead in UK and for 16 minutes the CNN host wanted to talk to me about the president’s tweets

“There are seven people dead in the U.K., one of our closest allies, 48 in the hospital, half in intensive care, and the media wants to talk about a tweet?” he said.

Florida business leaders played key roles in Legislative Session

Negotiations and conference decisions did get contentious.

Judge Napolitano: Expect a different James Comey on the witness stand

“Mueller’s not going to be there to say ‘Hey Jim, don’t answer that.'”

What just happened? Newly politically-correct Breitbart fires editor for tweet about Islam

Since when did Breitbart News care about offending the delicate, politically-correct sentimentalities of liberals, beltway ‘conservatives,’ and globalists?

‘Wonder Woman’ praise takes unexpected turn; leftist boycott after news spreads about star Gal Gadot

And how is that boycott working?

Already talk of a movie … ‘Super Size Me’ filmmaker touts NSA leaker as a hero, not a traitor

I think somebody who’s willing to step up and willing to put themselves out there and let the truth be know …

rihanna fat weight gain gucci mane thick
Singer Rihanna hits fat-shamers mocking her extra weight

Twitter then lit up with tributes to “Thickanna.”

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