Already talk of a movie … ‘Super Size Me’ filmmaker touts NSA leaker as a hero, not a traitor

Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock thinks the story of Reality Winner leaking classified intelligence would make a great movie.

The “Super Size Me” filmmaker was asked about the arrested federal contractor by TMZ as he navigated through LAX Airport.

“I think we all want answers and I think somebody who’s willing to step up and willing to put themselves out there and let the truth be know, it’s important,” Spurlock said. “We gotta let people know what’s going on.”

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Winner was arrested and charged with leaking classified information to a media organization, an act of treason, but Spurlock applauded her actions which he sees as necessary with President Trump’s administration.

“I think right now, all we all want is really to know what’s going on. How much do people know. How much has happened between our actual government and Russia,” Spurlock said.

“And the fact that nobody is talking about this or people are afraid to talk about it, speaks volumes,” he added.

When asked if the unfolding story would be a great subject for a future documentary film, the 46 year-old television producer and screenwriter said he was “filing it all away” in his brain.

Twitter users did not seems to agree with Spurlock’s assessment of whether Winner’s actions constitute patriotism or treason.

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