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Gorka: 7 dead in UK and for 16 minutes the CNN host wanted to talk to me about the president’s tweets

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Terrorism expert Sebastian Gorka unloaded on a media that is living in an “Alice in Wonderland reality.”

President Donald Trump’s deputy advisor on national security affairs voiced his frustration to NewsMax’s Steve Malzberg about the “counterproductive” word games played by the mainstream media.

“Is there any difference between a 90-day moratorium and a 90-day travel ban,” Malzberg asked. “I mean there’s this word game, this semantics game, that the media’s playing gotcha. That is just so counterproductive, is it not?”

“It is worse than counter productive, it could actually endanger people,” Gorka responded.  “We’re not here in the White House to debate how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.”

He then vented about his interview on CNN Monday in which he had an epic and heated debate with anchor Chris Cuomo.

“I mean, I went on CNN yesterday for my sins and for 16 minutes, the host wanted to talk about the president’s tweets,” Gorka told Malzberg.

“There are seven people dead in the U.K., one of our closest allies, 48 in the hospital, half in intensive care, and the media wants to talk about a tweet?” he said.

Gorka slammed the mainstream media for their failure to prioritize news coverage in the wake of multiple terror attacks that have rocked the U.K. and Paris in recent days.

“It’s an Alice in Wonderland reality in which the mainstream media doesn’t understand what the priorities are,” he said.

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