Bolton: Comey should have been gone on day one

“The conduct on the overall investigation were unacceptable.”

Scarborough calls out attention-hound NYT journo: He’s enjoying the limelight a bit too much

“Have you read Glenn’s tweets from — I mean…”

Tucker puts student’s feet to the fire who wants to ban whiteboards: Why stop there? There’s pens…

This never gets old.

Report: Illegal fundraiser for Clintons made a secret detailed video for fear he might be killed


Sick! Slate posts VENOMOUS piece on Alan Colmes after he dies, railing him because he worked for Fox

No excuse, ever.

Swede Democrat leaders pen WSJ op-ed imploring Americans to avoid the mistakes Sweden made

“Mr. Trump did not exaggerate Sweden’s current problems.”

Media runs with pastor’s story of ‘demonic activity’ at Trump rally, gloss over he’s a major detractor

Nice try.

Crazed actor attacks Ivanka when she calls for religious tolerance, but her fans aren’t about to let that slide

“Your tears amuse me.”

‘Embittered’ Senior Clinton adviser fantasizes about Obama intervening in the election

That’s not weird at all.

Calif Republicans outraged when GOP senator is forcibly removed from floor during emotional speech

“I am deeply disturbed.”

Liberal fun-suckers at beer magazine say they’ll no longer feature ‘sexist’ brews

Yes, folks. This is for real.

Billboard claiming to know what ‘real women appreciate’ secretly funded, and it’s driving people crazy

They do know it’s leased for 30 days. Unless they renew.

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