Liberal fun-suckers at beer magazine say they’ll no longer feature ‘sexist’ brews

Now we can’t even have a funny name for a beer without social justice warriors losing their minds and ruining things for everyone.

A popular beer magazine has announced that from now on it will not cover beers with “sexist” names that “fall into poor taste.”

In its upcoming March issue, All About Beer Magazine has announced a ban on beers with names it deems “offensive,” reported.

There was day when we laughed at, but otherwise ignored when political correctness ran amuk. And while we still might have a laugh at the absurdity we also now know that we have to battle it out, because this nonsense has gotten out of hand.

In its editorial, the magazine’s editors attacked several beers for being “sexist” because of their names.

The editorial slammed “Panty Peeler. Phat Bottom. And all the unfortunate beers that use the color of a woman’s hair that also coordinate with a beer style–Blonde, Amber–and take a large bra size to create a name.”

The article went on with its lamenting and guilt,  “This is still a male-dominated industry, both in terms of its employees and its customers. The jocular attitude that women are somehow beneath men or simply objects, however, is something that should have been eradicated a long time ago.”

The magazine particularly cited “Panty Peeler” beer as an example of evil sexist naming. Liberals recently attacked Panty Peeler for promoting “rape culture.” But according to Heatstreet, the beer was created and named by a female co-founder of Midnight Sun Brewing Co. She told Heatstreet she created it as a symbol of female empowerment.

Different, but definitely not reported or awknowledged by liberals.

But the beer was actually created and named by the female co-founder of Midnight Sun Brewing Co., who told Heat Street last fall that she meant it to be “consensual-sex positive.” She chose the logo as a symbol of female empowerment, a reference to Lady Godiva. As part of its marketing strategy, the brewery has encouraged its female buyers to post photos of themselves on adventures with the Panty Peeler in tow.

But, now we have a magazine that is supposed to be covering the beer industry policing what should be allowed as a beer name in order to satisfy left-wing social conventions.

Yes, this stuff has totally gotten out of hand and we have to fight back. We can’t even enjoy a humorous or ironic beer name without the left turning it all into a political cause.

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