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Scarborough calls out attention-hound NYT journo: He’s enjoying the limelight a bit too much

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There’s an old saying in journalism: A reporter should report the news, not become the news.

Glenn Thrush, reportedly a Democratic operative for The New York Times, appears to be breaking that rule, and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough believes Thrush may be enjoying all the attention “a little too much.”

Both Thrush and White House press secretary Sean Spicer were recently portrayed on a “Saturday Night Live” sketch.

During Thursday’s White House daily briefing, Spicer had to remind the attention-craving Thrush of that by observing that “this isn’t a TV program.”

Scarborough began Friday “Morning Joe” program by playing a short clip from the “SNL” sketch and the exchange in the press briefing room the day before.

“Have you read Glenn’s tweets from — I mean, he’s a New York Times guy, and he’s in the White House briefing room. And he’s saying, ‘Whine served with reporting,’ or something like that.”

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He then addressed the reporter’s sudden notoriety.

“I think he’s enjoying it a bit too much, being in the middle of it,” the MSNBC host said. “Just, you know, you can just report from in there, you don’t have to give commentary.”

Scarborough moved on to reporters’ lack of objectivity in their social media posts, turning them from reporters to commentators.

“Yeah, I think he does a good report,” Scarborough said. “But his Twitter feed — I think we’ve all discussed our concern with Twitter feeds of reporters who are working to be, you know, snarky. You gotta be snarky.”

He finished with one more swipe at The New York Times reporter.

“By the way, that is 1 minute and 18 seconds more than we expected to talk about Glenn Thrush this morning.”

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