State Senator Baxley calls on Bill Nelson to do the right thing, confirm Sessions

“We need an Attorney General who will defend the rule of law.”

NYC’s Bill de Blasio uses official mayoral Twitter account to organize Trump protests

“New York is currently home to 500,000 illegals.”

Deploraball boasts wall of ‘alpha veterans’ protecting event, protesters ‘foolish’ to mess with them

“With all the high-testosterone veterans and alphas attending…”

‘Never Trump’ Republicans shocked they can’t find jobs in Trump’s White House

“But their phones aren’t ringing.”

Lewis issues humiliating clarification on Inauguration snub after being called out bigtime by Trump

“Hey, whom among us hasn’t forgotten attending a Presidential Inauguration, right?”

Shameless Dem lets Twitter poll decide whether or not she’ll attend Trump’s Inauguration

A real ‘Profile in Courage.’

Bob Beckel takes ‘The Five’ viewers on a fun (and messy) trip down memory lane

Love him or not, he is entertaining.

‘Race activist’ takes a racist swipe at black college band playing at Trump’s Inauguration

“We think this will be a phenomenal experience for our students.”

Protesters spend day raging outside Ivanka’s NYC home, but you’d never know it by her classy response

“Keep doing you!”

Sheriff Clarke slams CNN’s Hill for ‘mediocre negroes’ jab, then gives him a glimpse of his ‘irrelevant’ future


Celeb Apprentice Brooke Burke’s hubby refuses to be ‘Pajama Boy,’ gets lambasted as a ‘jerk’ after show airs

We want to know what you think.

President-elect Trump to be sworn in on 2 Bibles that hold ‘special meaning to family and country’

“President-elect Trump is humbled to place his hand …”

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