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Celeb Apprentice Brooke Burke’s hubby refuses to be ‘Pajama Boy,’ gets lambasted as a ‘jerk’ after show airs

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One of the celebrities on last night’s Arnold Schwarzenegger version of “Celebrity Apprentice” got himself in hot water for refusing to participate in the episode’s ad campaign segment earning himself accusations of being a “jerk” and a “misogynist.”

One of the tasks given to the celebrities during episode 3 of season 15 was to create an ad campaign for a new Kawasaki motorbike. The bike is being sold as unisex, a bike anyone at any height, weight and sex can pilot. The team came up with the idea of showing celebrity contestant Brooke Burke-Charvet driving the cycle with her husband, “Baywatch” actor David Charvet, siting behind her. But Charvet was having none of that whole male subservient role.

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Charvet refused to participate in the campaign by sitting behind his wife on the bike insisting that such a thing would never happen “in real life.”

During the show Burke-Charvet pleaded with her husband to help her with the ad campaign but he wouldn’t budge. As far as he is concerned, men don’t sit behind women on a motorcycle. Naturally,  the segment had barely hit the air before fans flooded social media slamming Charvet as a “jerk” and a “misogynist,” according to Mediaite.

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But not everyone thought David Charvet was acting like a jerk. There was at least one fan who thought showing a strong man on TV was a great idea…


If you are unfamiliar, here is the show’s intro for Brooke Burke-Charvet.


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