State Senator Baxley calls on Bill Nelson to do the right thing, confirm Sessions

DBPresident-Elect Donald Trump’s nominee for Attorney General, Senator Jeff Sessions, is a superb choice.  While the Senate will be a poorer place without him, his leadership at the Department of Justice is sorely needed, and I hope we can count on our Senator, Bill Nelson, to do the right thing and vote to confirm him.

Senator Sessions’s experience as U.S. Attorney, Alabama Attorney General, and two decades on the Senate Judiciary Committee make him eminently qualified for the post.  His experience, combined with his personal integrity and deeply held commitment to the Constitution and the rule of law, are exactly what we need to address the most important issues facing us today.

We need an Attorney General who will defend the rule of law, not use his office to advance a radical political agenda.  I hope Senator Nelson will ignore the baseless attacks on Senator Sessions’s sterling record.  Instead, I call on him to make his choice based on the facts and cast a vote for his colleague to become our next Attorney General.

Senator Dennis Baxley


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