Professor won’t discuss Trump in class; says he’s so bad, it ‘would be a disservice to students’

“The truth,” is simply her liberal, feminist version of “truth,” not the real truth.

Dem VA Gov restores voting rights for felons…just in time for the presidential election!

Hey, why let the Virginia Supreme Court stand in your way?

My hero! Rachel Maddow swoons over what Joe Biden did to save the world from Donald Trump

“Clean-up on aisle five,” she smugly called it.

Mark Levin compares candidates: One thing to change your mind, another to be an unindicted felon

“I see Hillary Clinton as an unrepentant crook and criminal.”

Transgenderism? New Study finds it’s ‘not supported by scientific evidence’

“Frequently heard claims about sexuality and gender…”

Top Hillary aide at State Dept. researched drug used by Parkinson’s, Alzheimers patients

Hillary Clinton insists her emails “are so boring,” having once said of the more than 30,000 deleted emails that they were about mundane things like “planning Chelsea’s […]

Screamin’ Howard Dean is back to tell us ‘not one damn thing has been found in any of Hillary’s emails’

Howard might be “out there,” but ya gotta give him credit for persistence.

Megyn Kelly and Karl Rove brought some fun visual props to the show last night

But, Kelly has good reason to be downright giddy.

hillary-islam screen shot
Hillary Clinton pegged as ‘Islam’s Whore’ and check out NY Post’s OMG cigar cover!

The cigar is a nice touch!

Coulter tells it like it is: If Hillary wins, ‘no hope for any Republican ever winning another election’

“If Trump loses, it’ll be more than just a temporary setback…”

New poll numbers announced in the middle of Hillary’s storm of scandals

Still teflon coated?