Mark Levin compares candidates: One thing to change your mind, another to be an unindicted felon

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin thinks Hillary Clinton is a dangerous woman, he said in a scathing opinion on the Democratic presidential nominee.

Comparing Clinton and Republican rival Donald Trump, Levin said the race is more crystallized for him now as he unloaded on everything he sees wrong with Clinton.

“It’s one thing for a candidate to change his mind. It’s another thing for a candidate to be an unindicted felon,” he said Monday on his radio program.

“See what I’m saying? More and more this race crystallizes for me. But I see Hillary Clinton as an unrepentant crook and criminal,” he said.

“The fact of the matter is, Hillary Clinton is a dangerous woman,” Levin said, pointing to examples like Clinton’s domestic and foreign policies and her decisions to “enrich herself and protect her friends.”

“Look at her domestic proposals — she’s Bernie Sanders in a jumpsuit,” he said.

Levin had declared “Count me as #NeverTrump,” earlier this year after he previously eviscerated the #NeverTrump movement. Now, the radio host was circling back.

He admitted Trump’s tendency to change his mind and soften positions he previously was adamant about made him less than desirable as a candidate.

However, Levin concluded, Trump’s failings in these areas would be better than Clinton, “a hard-core, left-wing, crooked, fraudulent Marxist.”

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Frieda Powers


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