Former Secret Serviceman is REALLY ticked off at Republicans still opposing Trump; gives dire warning

“What is this, some bizarre theoretical exercise to you where you think you’re making some kind of a point by supporting Hillary Clinton?”

Distracted driving bill with hefty fines SCREAMS nanny government – no way you are taking this from us!

You don’t like that song on the radio? Now, you have to live with it.

Will Smith says America has to ‘cleanse’ itself of Trump supporters – anyone see a boycott coming?

That’s not all he said while he was in Dubai promoting his new film.

‘Budget-crunched’ VA has 167 interior designers on staff

Why is the VA spending millions on lavish art when veterans are already producing great art?

Clinton vows to expand government with new ‘Office of Immigration Affairs’ – a kinder, gentler ICE?

This has disaster written all over it.

Trump supporter Scott Baio won’t back down: ‘I genuinely, in my heart, do not care if I ever work again’

“So I say to my Never Trumpers: ‘Good luck, brother. Good luck in your Communist world.'”

Public college offers blacks-only classes, claims it’s totally okay

The school has defended its action by pointing out that it has been creating classes targeted to certain demographic groups for some time.

USA swimmer taunts Russian competitor, then after clinching the Gold really rubs it in

“I’m not this sweet little girl.”

Aren’t those folks hand-picked? How did Orlando terrorist’s dad get prime spot behind Hillary?

“I was invited by the Democratic party.”

More disturbing accusations about Ailes: Fox News employees say they felt they were being ‘watched’

This is getting creepier by the minute.

President Obama’s favorite economic talking point just died a horrible death

President Obama loves to cite statistics to “prove” he’s fixed the economy.

Hillary’s response to Orlando terrorist’s dad being front and center at her rally is pathetic

Instead of disavowing Seddique Mateen’s attendance at her rally . . .