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Trump supporter Scott Baio won’t back down: ‘I genuinely, in my heart, do not care if I ever work again’

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A conservative actor in a very liberal Hollywood, Scott Baio doesn’t care about the backlash he’s faced for being a supporter of Donald Trump.

The “Happy Days” actor has been a vocal fan of the Republican presidential nominee and even gave a speech at the recent Republican National Convention.

Baio defended the speech and his position as a pro-Trump conservative, telling The Hollywood Reporter in an interview that he wasn’t worried about his future job prospects.

“I’ll give you a very simple answer: I don’t care,” Baio responded when asked if his appearance at the GOP convention could negatively impact his acting career.

“I genuinely, in my heart, do not care if I ever work again. I don’t care. I’m comfortable and I’ve got a great life, but If I don’t have a country that is recognizable to me, I’ve got nothing,” the 55 year-old actor said.

“So, if I can do things for my country, that help my country become what it was — and I don’t want to hear about racism from people — but what it was in terms of freedom. The rule of law means something; the Constitution means something; judges reading the Constitution and not legislating from the bench,” he said.  “If I can do anything to help that, then I’ll sacrifice my career.”

Baio’s speech at the convention focused on “what it means to be an American,” he told the Reporter.

“Because we’re letting in so many people to our country and so many people don’t know what it means. It doesn’t mean getting free stuff. That’s what people think it means,” Baio explained. “All I see is Mexicans because I live in L.A. and they come here — illegally or legally — and they’re running away from something, but by voting for Democrats they’re turning this country into the country they’re running away from, and that’s the part that baffles me.”

Baio also had some words for fellow conservatives who refuse to support the GOP nominee:

“So I say to my Never Trumpers: ‘Good luck, brother. Good luck in your Communist world.'”

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