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More disturbing accusations about Ailes: Fox News employees say they felt they were being ‘watched’

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The scandal surrounding Fox News and former Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes is getting more complicated by the minute.

According to six current and former employees, many Fox News personalities and producers believed they were being spied on by Ailes, CNN Money reported.

“We all believe our phones are tapped and that we are monitored,” one Fox News personality told CNN Money, reiterating the fears of others who asked CNN not to be quoted.

“People definitely felt that the clicks on the line were coming from the inside,” said another.

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While the sources admitted that they had no proof surveillance measures were being taken, they said concern at the network about the issue was “pervasive,” according to CNN.

Speculation is growing as to whether possible phone tapping could have been an instrumental part of Fox’s notorious tight-lipped inner workings.  Especially considering that the monitoring allegations come amid new reports alleging that Ailes used Fox News money to go after those he perceived as enemies.

Citing a senior Fox source, New York’s Gabriel Sherman reported that Ailes had hired consultants “to conduct PR and surveillance campaigns against people he targeted, both inside and outside the company.”

With Ailes out, expect more allegations to arise and the plot surrounding Fox News to thicken.


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