‘Now cut off my mic!’ Bongino refuses to be bullied by Don Lemon over Trump, 2nd Amendment – HEATED!

“You don’t know crap about this, Don! You’re a TV guy!” Bongino said. “I was a Secret Service Agent!

What happens when you wear a pro-Trump T-shirt in this neighborhood? You get beaten with a crowbar

Liberal outreach?

Big-time Hillary supporter can’t name one of her accomplishments as secretary of state

Then again, neither can Hillary.

Pushing the farmers under the environmental bus

Responsible authorities should not allow environmental groups with obvious anti-growth agendas to push farmers, workers and jobs under the environmental bus.

Warren: ‘Pathetic coward’ Trump attacks Hillary because he can’t deal with ‘losing to a girl’

“Your reckless comments sound like a two-bit dictator”

Ready for a brand new Clinton email fight? Lawsuit goes after Bill’s speaking schedules

“State Department officials and Clinton Foundation officials worked essentially hand in glove”

Assange suggests DNC staffer suspiciously murdered was WikiLeaks informant; offers $20K for info

Bombshell interview with Assange!

Chelsea Clinton declares: ‘Yesterday we used up the world’s resources allotted for this year. It gets worse.

Wait, who did this so-called “allotting”?

Victim of the rapist Hillary freed has A LOT to say about cold, lying Clinton: ‘I want to speak to the world’

“I want to speak to the world. Out there at the White House, so everyone can hear me,” Shelton said.

Benghazi survivor says he hopes Hillary’s email server WAS hacked because of what it will prove

“I’m hoping, and it’s sad to say . . .”

Muslim Olympic fencer tries to slice up Donald Trump, turns out she needs to sharpen her sword a bit

All due respect for being an Olympic athlete, but get your facts right.

Muslim flight attendant to sue airline because SHE refuses to serve alcohol on flights

After being suspended from ExpressJet for refusing to serve alcohol to patrons, a Muslim flight attendant is suing the Atlanta-based airline. The Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Michigan chapter […]

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