Stand-up comedian was court ordered to pay $42K for ‘offensive’ joke in his routine; here’s how he handled it

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Trumps screen shot
What a photo! Trump siblings ‘battle for cuteness’ on social media, puts Donald Jr. in pigtails!

Not to be outdone Ivanka, Donld Jr. released this photo.

first lady screen shot
Michelle Obama gets a dig in at Hillary for ‘3 A.M. Phone Call’ ad that trashed her husband

During an episode of “Carpool Karaoke ” . . .

Dude in Grumpy shirt attacks Obama for ruining race relations: ‘That’s why I really despise him’

“It’s because he could have done so much, not only for the black community . . .”

FBI nabs 3 Palm Beach County men trying to join ISIS- used code words like ‘soccer team’

Hubbard and Christian allegedly used the code phrase “soccer team” when referring to ISIS and “playing soccer” when referring to joining ISIS, according to the complaint.

Hip elderly white woman describing Tim Kaine as ‘woke’ – Nope, that definitely did NOT fly

Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm is known for her exuberance, but the 57-year-old Democrat has apparently reached a little too far in an attempt to appear hip. Commenting on […]

Wikileaks spills more dirt: DNC approved ad–‘Hot Women’ OK with being ‘groped’ by Trump

“A willingness to evaluate other women’s hotness for the boss’ satisfaction”…

Actor James Woods pegs Obama with THAT one picture worth 1000 words!

He always seems to get it just right!

Duck Dynasty star gets Biblical on mainstream media and who’s really ‘controlling it’

“What they actually are, they’re controlled by”…

BAM! Trump just couldn’t resist using Hillary’s VP pick to taunt ‘Pocahontas’ – and she fired right back

Donald Trump couldn’t resist the opportunity to torture poor “Pocahontas” Saturday morning.

Liberal writer makes ‘very scary’ conclusion after seeing Melania show up at RNC in a white dress

Then of course Twitter users noticed something about white dress she wore the next night…

Obama foot desk
When Obama refused to light the White House blue to honor slain cops, grateful Americans did it for him

There were plenty of photos shared on social media.

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