Dude in Grumpy shirt attacks Obama for ruining race relations: ‘That’s why I really despise him’

He’s not all that grumpy, but he has a thing or two to say to Barack Obama.

Conservative author Mark Dice was filming one of his “man on the street” segments when he came across a black man who was no fan of the president.

The man, who was holding a sign that read “stop illegal immigration,” told Dice that Obama “could have been such a person to bring all types of races together. Instead, he’s become so divisive in his tactics as far as driving people apart, and it’s sad.

“That’s why I really despise him,” the man continued. “It’s because he could have done so much, not only for the black community — because the black unemployment rate is so high and it’s just gotten worse ever since he came into office — not only the black community but everyone in general.”

The man told Dice that Americans “are being attacked on all sides” and the divisions over race, gender and sexual preference is ridiculous.

He also mocked Obama’s tendency to come out and make a statement when a white police officer kills a black suspect while turning a blind eye to black on black crime in places like Chicago.

“Every once in a while he’ll pop his head out ‘that person looks like my son,” he said. “He’s very selective of what topics he can bring out and talk about in order to promote his agenda.”

Carmine Sabia


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