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Hip elderly white woman describing Tim Kaine as ‘woke’ – Nope, that definitely did NOT fly

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Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm is known for her exuberance, but the 57-year-old Democrat has apparently reached a little too far in an attempt to appear hip.

Commenting on Hillary Clinton’s selection Friday of Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate, Granholm took to social media to say Kaine is “a man with the heart of a servant, who is ‘woke.'”

“Woke” being a term associated with the violent Black Lives Matter movement the Democratic Party still embraces, despite the recent deaths of eight police officers by black assassins.

Urban Dictionary explains the term: “Being Woke means being aware… Knowing whats going on in the community.”


Ironically, Urban Dictionary includes the hashtag #baltimore … which means they’re not “woke” to the fact that three of the six officers charged in the case against Freddie Gray have been acquitted, while a fourth officer’s trial ended with a hung jury.

Woke, of course, is the past tense of “wake” and in the post-racial “Age of Obama,” the rush to judgment over perceived racial grievances has resulted in a call to action by permanently aggrieved social justice warriors to “stay woke.”

A call to action that borrows from Ebonics, which allows cumbersome rules of grammar to be tossed out the window.

And a luxury apparently not extended to elderly white women, according to the reaction on social media. Granholm was mocked unmercifully, with much of it coming from the left, like BLM activist Shaun King, who doubles as a writer for the New York Daily News.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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