Leaked emails prove the DNC conspired to derail Bernie Sanders

Democratic National Committee emails released by the hacker WikiLeaks show party officials conspiring to derail Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

Viral video will terrify you out of ever riding another waterslide – guy goes flying!


Donald Trump responds to Hillary’s new VP pick by blasting out feisty tweet that gets rare ‘delete’

“Why did Tim Kaine have no problem when he took”…

Check out what Trump Super PACs are doing with huge windfall after convention

“Donors left our event feeling much less confused about the super PAC situation,” Gay said.

Italian comedian reveals how ‘real’ men feel about Melania Trump becoming first lady in pearl clutching video

Warning: Not suitable for feminists or anyone easily offended who can’t take a joke!

E-mail exposes Wasserman Schultz demand MSNBC stop negative coverage, make Mika apologize: ‘This is the LAST straw!’

“This is the LAST straw. […] This is outrageous. She needs to apologize,” Wasserman Schultz wrote.

Munich attacker identified as Iranian-German teen, targeted children; 10 dead

The shooter also targeted children at the McDonald’s restaurant where the shooting started, according to the eyewitness.

Ivanka’s modest dress at RNC speech shows high class doesn’t need a high pricetag

Compare to Hillary’s $12,495 jacket….

The Hillary email scandal keeps getting uglier: 3 key aides got messages clearly marked ‘Top Secret’

“Seven e-mail chains concern matters that were classified at the Top Secret/Special Access Program”…

Murdered at McDonald’s: Muslim woman tells CNN 2 words terrorist yells before slaughtering kids

“Boom boom boom. He is killing the children. They make nothing. They were sitting to eat. They can’t run.”

Hillary responds to Ted Cruz’s RNC speech by uttering 4 words she thought she’d ‘never say’

“I mean, I never thought I would say these words, but”…

News media kept using one word over & over to describe Trump’s RNC speech–and it’s not by accident

Newspapers and cable news outlets kept using the same word to trash Trump’s speech…