BAM! Trump just couldn’t resist using Hillary’s VP pick to taunt ‘Pocahontas’ – and she fired right back

Donald Trump couldn’t resist the opportunity to torture poor “Pocahontas” Saturday morning.

And the jilted Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren couldn’t resist responding.

Wow, “Crooked Hillary hates her!” That’s harsh.

Others joined in, mostly to call Trump childish and unpresidential, or to mock Warren themselves.

I mean, really, who doesn’t love this picture?

As the debate digressed, Trump’s tax returns came into the mix.

One witty tweeter didn’t miss a beat in response to the question,”Where’s your tax return?”

“Emailed it to Hillary months ago,” Nitmenbog answered, brilliantly.

One could be entertained for hours on Twitter!


Tax return

Michele Kirk


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