Hillary Ted Cruz
Wealthy Ted Cruz donor’s investment firm starts pouring MILLIONS into Hillary’s campaign

Well-connected donors are doing anything they can to stop Donald Trump.

After first Muslim-American becomes Miss USA, she does something unexpected

Rima Fakih, who it is believed to have been the first Muslim-American woman to have been crowned Miss USA . . .

CNN goes to West Virginia to find Hillary voters, but found one big problem

Coal country is lashing out at Hillary Clinton.

morning Joe screen shot
Trump gets ‘cute’ with Scarborough over spat, taunts him into on-air response

The power of social media was never more apparent than Monday when MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough responded to a comment from GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump in real time.

Mad at Trump? Come to mommy. Clinton floats ‘Republicans for Hillary’ with patronizing pitch

Hillary Clinton told a Sunday show audience that she has been hearing from Republicans interested in supporting her bid for president ever since Donald Trump because the presumptive GOP nominee last week.

GOP ops hunt down one thing that will fry Hillary; ‘Like a bomb that’s going to go off in the general election’

Hillary Clinton should probably watch her back.

Megyn Kelly finally confronts Trump about feud in her exclusive interview clip

“Was that real or was that strategy?”

Franklin Graham shames NYC Mayor de Blasio over Chick-fil-A boycott

Evangelist Franklin Graham blasted New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio with both barrels Saturday.

Game on! North Carolina responds to DOJ in strongest way possible

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory responded to the Obama Justice Department’s ultimatum to allow transgendered people to use the bathroom in a big way.

Female student is kicked out of prom for wearing a tux; why the school stands behind decision

A Pennsylvania high school student is up in arms after she was kicked out of her prom for wearing a suit after being warned at the last minute.

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‘Still talking here’: Dan Savage ignites Ann Coulter in heated exchange over illegal immigration

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter got into a heated exchange with hard-left LGBT activist Dan Savage over Donald Trump’s stance on illegal immigration.

tantaros screen shot
With no word from Fox News on Andrea Tantaros, anxious fans take matters into own hands

With no updates in almost two weeks after learning that Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros would be absent from the network for a while, an anxious fan has taken matters into their own hands.