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Megyn Kelly finally confronts Trump about feud in her exclusive interview clip

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“Was that real or was that strategy?”

That is the long-awaited question Fox News host Megyn Kelly is finally getting to ask presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. Viewers got a sneak peek on ‘Live with Kelly and Michael’ this morning.

In the interview, Kelly, asks Trump about the two’s feud following a question about women at the first republican primary debate. “You seemed to stay angry for months. Was that real or was that strategy?”

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Trump responded, saying “Well, I’m a real person. I don’t say, “Oh gee I’m angry tonight but tomorrow you’re my best friend. 

“See, I do have a theory though when somebody does it,” Trump continues. “Look, it could happen with us again. It could be even doing this particular interview. I have great respect for you that you were able to call me and say, ‘Look, let’s get together and let’s talk.’ To me, I would not have done that.'”

Kelly commented on the morning talk show to Kelly and Michael, saying “I think this is the most interesting part of the Trump interview. After months of him being very unhappy with me, I reached to him. I had always wanted to reach out to him from the beginning, from the August 6th debate.”

“I’m a journalist,” Kelly said. “I want to be on the sidelines I don’t want to be on the playing field. He kept putting me on the playing field and I just wanted to get past that. He was angry for so long, and I didn’t want to reach out to him while he was angry.”

“So there was a lull in the attacks in April and I seized upon it and asked him if he would meet with me and he said he would and I went to Trump Tower and it was an electric morning,” explained Kelly. “We had a good exchange but the one thing we did not discuss during in that hour-long meeting at Trump Tower was anything that happened between the two of us.”

The special will air on May 17th on FOX broadcasting.

Watch the sneak peek here:

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